Friday, December 17, 2010

Have to start somewhere

Although it was pretty cold today (25 degrees) the kids were itchin to get outside and play for awhile so I bundled them up and out we went. They ran around the yard having the sorts of adventures kids do, and I went in to the garage to see if there was anything I could start doing to the camper.

Since the overall plan is to gut it, replace any rotten framing, and rebuild from there I figured cleaning it out would be a good start.

I only had a hour or so before the kids (and I) were cold and wanting to head back in.. I managed to clear the rear half of junk and insulation. I did save trim I found, and a couple window cranks hidden in the debris.

It doesn't look too too bad.. some obvious rot in a few places but nothing that can't be easily replaced.  Only one roof support is saggy, the rest look good. All the glass is good, all the windows work, and I found all of thier interior trim parts in decent shape. All that stuff should clean up nicely.

So here are the pictures from today after removing 2 large bags of trash, a spare tire, 4 support jacks, the awning, the poles, the couch wood, the closet doors, the paneling parts that had already been ripped out, the cushions, 2 bees nests and a zip lock baggie with a complete set of new wheel bearings in it. (score!)

I'm going to need to find 2 of these crank handles, 1 broke, 1 MIA. (all the front window cranks are still on)

I'm really mulling over the kitchen and its future.. I am tempted to reconfigure the interior since it will be torn down to one open space to replace the paneling and floor. I'm contemplating the usefulness of a full oven for long weekends and maybe a week getaway here and there. I mean, its camping after all.. that should by some sort of unwritten rule include outdoor cooking, not a tuna cassarole in the oven :)

I need to measure where the wheel wells fall and see what sort of plan would make sense. I do know that I'd like to move the couch to the front, and the dining area to the rear with a larger U shaped setup.

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