Monday, June 13, 2011

Took it out of the garage today..

I needed to get the camper moved over about a foot so that I had clearance to finish the curb side paint job. (Big beam in the garage was right up against the roofs edge)

I hitched it up and VERY carefully pulled it out praying I wouldn't scuff one of the sides.. it is a tight fit.

While it was out I snapped a few pictures to show how the $50 paint job is coming out. I think it's looking great. (you have to imagine it with the door and some chrome baby moon hubcaps)



Notice the wings?  They are the black ones that came on the little 1400 I bought a couple months ago and sold a week later. They were pretty dingy (and spray-painted black for that matter) so I cleaned them up, sprayed them with bright aluminium and pinstriped them with 1/8 inch bright red automotive striping..

Still trying to decide if they look good with the red accent, or if they just look tacky~ I kinda like them so far.

Here's how they look a little closer and from the 'other side' ~

I hope to get the paint finished up this week.. I need to get going on the 2 roof vents that will be removed and sealed up tight. The remaining vent will get a Fan-Tastic fan, then once thats all sealed I can paint the roof white as well. Not that anyone would notie it, but having it bright white will hopefully reflect heat better than the darkened surface that is up there now.

That's all for now~

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