Thursday, September 13, 2012

Suddenly, a year went by~

I didn't mean to drop from updating this camper blog.. It just sorta happened.

Here's a quick catch up on the last year and then tomorrow I'll post an update with pictures on the camper as it is today..

Lets see, the first trip last September was a blast. My brother and I had a great time at the vintage races at LRP in Connecticut. Several people stopped to check out the Shasta with memories of having something similar when they were kids. We had no issues at all with the camper..

When I got home I parked it for the winter.. I ended up tarping it as I wanted to keep the garage free for other projects. For the most part it did fine..
It did take a good limb hit in one of the 3 storms we got all year.. (One in October, 2 in March) Who would have thought that in New Hampshire we would have NO SNOW at all in Nov, Dec, Jan or Feb??? It's just unheard of.
Damage was minimal but its got a bigger dent than it had before..the limb hit the exact spot it had been hit previously.

Over the winter and through the spring I concentrated on making some extra income by fixing up some cars and reselling them. Worked out great as I did well on all of them.. a Camaro, a Crown Vic, and several Mustangs.. The Mustangs do really well..easy to buy cheap when they have a problem, yet the sell great when they are fixed up and nice. I did all GT Convertibles and have another one in the garage right now waiting for an engine swap.

Summer was slow due to a broken leg.. femur even. You know, the strongest bone in your body? Yeah, I broke mine running on the treadmill. (the belt stopped short while I was running) So much for trying to get healthier.. I should have stayed with my sedentary lifestyle  :)

Leg is 95% healed up now and I've been back at the camper for a couple weeks now trying to get it ready for its first 'family' camping trip. We are taking it to Maine to camp along the Saco River the week of the Fryeburg Fair. My wife had a couple requirements like electricity for hairdryer and coffee maker, lights in the potty room and a mirror. I've been able to get that done and more.. Camper won't be 100% done come October first but it should be plenty comfy for our first trip together in the camper.. in any camper.

Here's a list of what I've done recently:

-built basic kitchen counter structure (new laminate not going to be done, using an old 1400 table as a top now)
-built large storage above the dinette (no doors yet)
-built in the fridge and made storage above and below
-ran electricity and got lights working
-installed a door on the potty room instead of the curtain
-trimmed the windows inside
-started building the cabinet above the sink area and got the cooktop hood installed
-built a permanent bed in the rear with hinged storage underneath (separate from the 'trunk' space)

I guess thats about it..  More with pictures coming~

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