Friday, August 9, 2013

A bit of closure to this blog

As you can see, once the major part of the work was done, I didn't really update this blog too much. We've been enjoying the Shasta and making more improvements over time. I've added an AC / Dehumidifier unit, added city water hookups, built a new kitchen counter and laminated that (and the dining table) with a Formica anniversary product with a great retro red look.
In mid July we took the camper to the Mystic CT area and had a great time camping for 5 days down there, but we realized that with 2 growing boys and a trip coming up where there would be no hookups, that we might want to consider selling the Shasta in favor of a larger more self contained unit. So when we returned I listed the camper for sale on TCT and Craigslist.. The response was immediate and surprising. I had many inquiries and people trying to make arrangements to 'get here first' but by the time the first 24 hours was up I had agreed to sell to a very nice woman from Massachusetts who will use it to enjoy peaceful nights with her canine companions.
My family and I will miss the warm amber glow of the interior at night, and the vintage camper feel, but the replacement camper will suit us better, especially when we are 'off the grid' camping. Our new camper is a Coleman Caravan..considerably larger but not huge. It's self contained and has ducted heat and AC, running water, a hot water heater, a full bath with shower, lots of storage, bunk beds for the kids, and a front slide out queen bed for my wife and I. It will take it's first trip at the end of this month when we go to Lakeville CT for the vintage racing festival at Lime Rock Park.
I've had a great time working on the Shasta and know the new owner will enjoy it as well. I most likely will not update this blog again, but will leave it up for reference. Hopefully it will help someone at some point~ Here are some recent pictures to wrap things up... Kev


  1. How did your spray paint hold up?

  2. How did your spray paint hold up?

    1. It held up great.. have not seen the camper for over a year, but it was looking just as good as the day it was painted the last time I saw it.

      I met a woman from Florida in May at a campground in Maine who had a small vintage camper. She told me she had fixed it up herself and after talking about the refurb for a bit we discovered she had watched my spray paint video on You Tube and had painted the camper herself with spray cans.. Her paint looked great as well~

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  4. Hey Kev we am looking to add missing bunks to our Shasta. Could you text me when you have a second to talk about how you did yours? Thanks in advance. 706-992-9354