Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Almost done with demo..

I had hoped to finish the interior gutting while I was on vacation last week but unfortunately we had a blizzard on Monday followed by 3 days of bitter cold. By Saturday it was almost 50 degrees out so I did get a few hours in then.

I removed the rest of the kitchen area and the front wall that I was scared to look behind.. Turns out I didn't need to be afraid at all as there was nothing there. Seriously.. nothing. Framework on both sides was rotted completely away, I just pulled the panel away and threw it out.

I also was able to remove the propane tanks from both the 71 (old style) and the 68 (new style) so I can put the better stuff on the 71.

I did some searching for vinyl tiles now that I'm getting closer to that stage and showed my wife what I think is a good combo for a checkered floor, she likes it and thinks "60's greens" is a good color scheme to go with. Since I plan on paneling the walls and ceiling with birch, I wanted the floor to be something other than wood that would be a good contrast and somewhat retro. Just today I found a great site that has materials for the dinette and rear couch/bed that will match great too..

So, here are some updated pictures showing the progress, as well as a couple color scheme samples~

These 2 might make good curtains or throw pillows-

And here's the floor tile mockup I made-

Quick shot of the propane stuff removed..
Oh yeah, I took off the rock gaurd since the one on the 68 is better-

Here's where the kitchen used to be.. I don't think it's going back in the same place-

Some of the front is stripped now too..
(How about that color difference on the floor!)

Well thats it for now.. Hopefully I can figure out how to take out the toilet by the next update :)

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