Saturday, January 15, 2011

Quickie update...

Between having a cold and dealing with a foot of snow on Monday I really didn't have much time at all to work on the Shasta this week. I did manage a couple hours on Thursday to remove the fridge, the original heater, the closet and more paneling. I still need to deal with the toilet.

I also removed a bit more on the front wall and was a bit discouraged to see the framing under the front window is just gone.. crumbles to dust as you touch it. I knew I was going to have to remove a few of the windows to reseal them but was hoping to not need to touch the front one. Oh well, at least I know now to put that on the 'to do' list~

Just a couple pics today of the interior now that the larger closet is gone..

Oh yeah...  More Bees :)
(not sure what this vented but it was up above the fridge area)

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