Saturday, January 29, 2011

Windows Before and After..

I've used fine steel wool with great success on other projects involving aluminium but apparently, its a little tougher to get great results with 40 year old window trim that hss been exposed to the elements that whole time. So while not quite as polished as I was hoping for, they certainly look better.

Keep in mind that this camper 'refurb' was never intended to be a restoration to new condition, or a show trailer..Just something in nice shape with a bit of a retro feel that my family can enjoy for a few years on vacations and long weekends.

That said, here's a shot of the 2 small windows I took off the drivers side of the camper. The one on the left was cleaned up using only fine steel wool and windex.

It took about 20 minutes in total to go from looking like the one on the right, to the nicer one on the left. I removed the screen and cleaned the glass inside and out and I also used the steel wool to 'polish' up the parts visible on the inside of the trailer once the window is reinstalled.

I have seen some other Shasta blogs where people have taken apart the window frame, removed the glass, drilled out rivits and polished all the aluminium parts to an almost mirror shine before reassembly. I think the work they have done is stunning, but in my particular case, that would be overkill and not worth the hours of time per window. Cleaning them up quickly with steel wool has made them look way better and I'm good with that.

One (small one) down, 10 more to go plus some other trim parts~

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