Monday, January 24, 2011

Finally ready to dig in to wall repairs..

No pictures today but I did accomplish a couple things that I needed to do in order to start the rebuild process.

1. picked up 1x2 and 1x3 wood
2. picked up an angle grinder on sale at Lowes for $14.97 (not 'needed' but helpful)
3. picked up 500 #8 x 3/4 hex head screws (to replace the nasty ones on the exterior)
4. borrowed a large pipe wrench and wrestled the water fill cap off so I coule remove the water tank.

Now the interior is gutted and I can begin rebuilding :)

#3 might not seem important, but in order to replace the framing at the front of the camper I have to remove dozens of these hex headed screws from the outside as they grab in to the framing to hold the skin on. Right now, there are a bunch just poking through where wood used to be.. so they need to come out, wood needs to go in, and new screws need to go back in place.

It was minus 9 degrees this morning.. zero degrees at 5pm.. too cold to go out tonight and work on it.
Hopefully the temp will be back up in to the 30's in a couple days, I'm anxious to get going~

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